So it looks like we have a thumbsucker! Since she started sleeping through the night we've noticed that she does wake up every couple of hours, but puts her thumb in her mouth and soothes herself back to sleep. It's awesome. These past few days she's finding her thumb while she's awake too. It's pretty adorable. She gets all panicky, jerking around until she finds it, and she sticks her other hand in her hair. I took a few pictures to illustrate the process:

Looking for the thumb (check out those cheeks!)
Finding and inserting the thumb
Getting the full grip on the hair

This thumbsucking thing has been really great for me. She slept for TWELVE hours last night, I can't believe it! This kid can sleep. It's been 6 nights now that she's slept between 8 and 12 hours. I really really hope this is a long term thing, I could get used to it! We took her to the doctor yesterday for her 2-month checkup. She's up to 12 pounds, 13 ounces now, 23.5 inches long. Her size has a lot to do with her sleeping through the night, that's for sure. So now I'm grateful that she cooked for 2 extra weeks and got so big! Totally worth it.

She got 5 shots at her appointment, it was heartbreaking. I had to work very hard to choke back the tears myself! She stopped crying as soon as I picked her up afterwards though, so that was encouraging. I fed her a bit before we left, that seemed to help too. She never developed a fever or anything, but she was very sleepy afterwards, fell asleep as soon as we strapped her into her carseat. I had an appointment that afternoon so I took her over to my Mom's after stopping home to finish feeding her. She tried to go for a walk with her, but Annie screamed and screamed, all she wanted to do was lie on Grandma's chest and sleep for an hour. Poor baby. I took her for a walk when we got home, and then tried to feed her again. She was really really fussy, so I gave her some Tylenol and she seemed to feel much better. I think her thighs must have been sore where they injected her. She was pretty much back to normal after that!

We went out last night to our city's free movie in the park, Horton Hears a Who. Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Kevin came along. Annie sat on Kathryn's lap, content to look around at everything until she got hungry. Unfortunately, as soon as I started feeding her it started raining. Poop! They had to turn off the movie, "Because of the rain. And safety." (That was the guy's exact words.) Very disappointing. We try to go to at least one movie in the park every year, and we had been looking forward to this one since the beginning of the summer. The last 3 summers it's rained on us! Oh well, we'll try again next year I'm sure!

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Michelle M said...

Hey Kristin!! Little Annie is getting cuter by the day!! What great news about her sleeping...Mallory slept through the night by 5 weeks...so it is possible that this may be it! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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