On With the Show

I've got to be better about this journal. If only because I find myself constantly wishing these days that I could glue my video camera to my face, capturing everything she says and does, because it's all pretty darn amazing, hilarious, and sweeter than you can even imagine. And when I do have the camera running, she clams up, too interested in what I'm doing to go about her business. I am terrified that someday I'll forget what she is like right now. Because right now, she's pretty incredible.

Like when she accidentally steps on Georgie's paw when she's bouncing all over the living room and says "sowwy Gorshie" in that sweet little voice of hers. Or when she lets out a huge burp and says "scuse me!" (which she picked up on her own, nobody taught her that. Usually we giggle with pride when we belch in this family. We'll work on saying 'excuse me' more now of course.)

I'm forgetting things fast already. Luckily I've been scribbling notes in the little book I keep in my purse for just this purpose, but I've been too busy soaking it all in to type them up. Which is a good thing, I know. But at the same time, I know how flighty this brain of mine is, and I'm going to want it all written down one day so I can remember. Especially the way she says "Okay!" in a very cheerful voice when we explain that first we need to do something before we do what she wants. And how she says "WALK" very firmly when we tell her we're going somewhere, so we're clear that she intends to walk on her own to get there. Or how she looks at me and demands "HUG" so that we can have a brief little hugging session, her little hand rubbing my back the whole time. Or when she gets all up in my face and says "kiss" and kisses my cheeks all over, until I feel like I'm going to burst into tears it's so damn sweet. Or how every night before bed she says "FLOOR!" and that means it's time for her and Paul and I to snuggle up on her floor with her pillow and the down blanket (and Georgie at our feet) for story time, Paul and I taking turns doing the reading based on her demands. "Daddy read," "Mommy read."

I knew I would love being a mom and I've always really loved playing with the kids I babysat, and spending time with my siblings. But it turns out being a mom is even more than I could have imagined. It is truly amazing watching a tiny, helpless being grow into a full-blown little person, with opinions, demands, and talents. And I am fully aware that there is so much more amazingness to come. I can't wait.


Big Girl

My baby peed on the potty! Last night I told Paul I had to pee and started up the stairs. As soon as I said "pee," Annie started saying "pee, pee" and climbed the stairs with me. When we got up there she got her potty seat out, put it on the toilet, and started pulling at her pants. I helped her with her pants and diaper, sat her on the potty, and she peed! Then she grabbed for the toilet paper, so I ripped her off a piece, and she wiped herself!

I was absolutely amazed. I have not taught her any of this. Thanks day care!

That is all. Just wanted to record this momentous occasion. :)

picture from our baby sitter this past fall,

when Annie started showing an interest in sitting on the potty

like her friend Becca at day care