Sleeping Arrangements

For her first 10 weeks, Annie slept in a cosleeper in our bedroom. She was getting up to eat through the night and it was very convenient having her right next to me. Also I could roll over to make sure she was okay anytime I wanted. It was nice. But now that she's been sleeping through the night for over a week we decided that it's time to try out the crib. I put her in last night after her bedtime feeding and she did great, stayed there all night! I was nervous around 3 because I heard her on the monitor, she was awake and talking. I had been worried about that because up until now, the crib has meant playtime. Her mobile is attached and she watches it when I am showering or putting a load of laundry in. After about a half and hour she had fallen back asleep though, phew!

She's been all smiley and chatty each morning since she started sleeping so long, and she was the especially smiley this morning. I think it might be because she woke up and her beloved mobile was above her. She kept looking at me and then looking up at the mobile, chatting away. Very cute!

The other good news is she's a loud sleeper, she makes little noises when she breathes. So all I need to do is listen to her squeaking away through the monitor and I know she's okay! Cuts back on a lot of trips to her room to peek in. Although I did do that once anyway, of course. :)

"Mom, I woke up and my mobile was up there!"

We took a break from watching the Olympics and went to another ball game last night. We had a nice time, and we got to bed a lot earlier than we would have if we stayed home to watch Olympics. Man, they've been keeping us up late! Can't miss gymnastics though, I've been waiting 4 years for this!

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