Things I Will Want to Remember When I Am Living With A Surly Teenager: Installment 4

How you watch me carefully when I'm singing "I'm Yours" (by Jason Mraz) and then try to sing a bit before getting all giggly and giving me big kisses. You sure do love that song. And I sure do love singing it to you.


Summer's End

Fall is coming and I'm getting that old "longing for apples, soups, pretty leaves, and pumpkins" feeling back. It's my very favorite time of year and I'm really looking forward to it. We've also been really enjoying summertime this past week or so. We crammed a lot in over a few days, but it really all felt very slow and relaxed and fun, exactly how summer should feel.

The Fair

Powers Farm Market

The Zoo

The Pier

Garage Sale Finds
A Cookout and Campfire

All in all, the perfect close to summer. Now on to September!


10 Good Things

1. The hydrangeas finally bloomed, big time.

2. Annie's sudden love for the doll we bought before she was born. Lots of hugs and snuggling and carrying her around the house.

3. A fun family day at the State Fair.

4. Concord grapes. Yum.

5. Annie's delight when Uncle Kev showed up in her room after her nap.

6. Powers farm market: cute animals, fall mums, fresh corn, yummy cookies.

7. Scoring adorable clothes and bunches of classic kids books at the thrift store. (Oh, and a Bills helmet for Kevin for 1.99. He was thrilled.)

8. Long weekends!

9. Frequent trips to playgrounds, and Annie's daredevilry climbing all over them to get to the slides.

10. Dancing to awesome ukele cover songs on YouTube.