Little Friends

Annie went to her first playdate yesterday, with Griffin and Isabella. Griffin is 8 months and Bella is about 3 and a half months. They are so cute! Griffin is the only one really moving around and playing, but Annie and Bella seemed to enjoy looking around at everything. Annie looked around for a bit, then ate and took a power nap. When she woke up we had a photo shoot:

Griffin & His Ladies
"Come here Annie!"
"Hmm...she looks interesting..." Bella looks concerned, looks to her Mom for some help...
Griffin's getting bored with this

Back for Round Two

We were amazed at how relaxed Annie was, even with Griffin "hugging" her. Kelly was right there to grab Fin each time, but Annie really didn't seem fazed by it. After he got down from the chair she sat there by herself for about 10 minutes, just chilling out, looking around.

Fin really loves other babies, I can't wait until Annie and Bella are old enough to crawl around with him! Of course he'll be walking by then. He'll have to show them the ropes.

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