Annie At 11 Months

Yikes, a full month since my last post. Too busy living life, I guess! And trying to figure out where time has gone. I am busy making plans for Annie's first birthday, which has me both excited and incredulous that my tiny baby is quickly making her way into toddlerdom.

This is Annie at 11 months:

She can get up the stairs in 20 seconds flat.

She can give kisses and hugs.

She points to things constantly, and calls them "Guh."

She is very chatty and likes to tell long stories filled with "buh buh buh"s and "duh duh duh"s.

She is walking more and more every day, but still crawls some of the time.

She loves veggie burgers with cheese, hot pretzels, animal crackers, puffs, hamburger, green beans, peas, eggplant, and hot dogs. But especially hot dogs.

She still loves her books!

She is getting ticklish. She laughs when you tickle her neck and hands, but doesn't laugh when you tickle her feet. That just kind of annoys her so she pulls them away.

She loves feeding Gus & George from her high chair. Needless to say, they love it too!

She tried some real milk at Grandma & Grandpa's and she loves it!

She has a mouthful of chompers and knows how to use them. She will hug you and sink her teeth into your shoulder if you're not careful. I'm actually afraid to reach in there to count how many she has! I think I'll leave that for the dentist next month...

Speaking of teeth, she's got the "Maroney gap," a gap between her two front teeth, named for my mother's side of the family. All of us Peppers kids had the same one! They all pretty much closed up when we got our adult teeth though, so no worries. It's pretty cute anyway.

She loves hugging her stuffed animals, and giving them kisses. She especially loves a puppy in a Yankees shirt that her Grandma got her at Yankee Stadium.

Oh yeah, she went on her first trip to New York City! She was awesome in the car and loved the hotel room. She especially loved that she could stand up in her pack n' play and check out what Mommy & Daddy were doing when she was supposed to be sleeping. She had a lot of fun chatting away while we tried to ignore her so she would settle down. Oh, and she didn't mind at all when our baseball game was rained out, after waiting around for FIVE hours at the stadium. In the rain. This kid has some patience, I'm telling you!
She can ride a bike! She loved it too, she cried when we picked her up from it (in FAO Schwarz). First time she's thrown a semi-fit in a store, yay for us!

She loves bath time, especially touching the water coming out of the faucet.

She loves playing at Grandma & Grandpa's house. She really loves pushing around the doll stroller Grandma bought for her!

She experienced the joy of trampolines for the first time a couple of weeks ago at the babysitter's. Wendy put her on and she went to town, crawled over to the side to hang on to the net and bounced away on her knees. We bounced it for her with our hands and she laughed hysterically. I've always pined for a trampoline, so this might be a good excuse to get one!

She made her mama a birdhouse for our first Mother's Day, with the help of Wendy, Doug, Wendy's daughter, Danielle, and Paul. It might be the cutest Mother's Day gift ever.

On that note, I had a lovely first Mother's Day. I slept in until NINE A.M. and woke up to presents (the birdhouse, a really nice lunchbag, a new coffee mug, and a new water bottle. Hubby knows what I like. :) ) We went to breakfast with Paul's mom and Harvey, went shopping at the garden center and the mall for a few hours, went to the Lilac Festival for dinner and a nice walk, then went to my parents for dessert. A perfect day! Oh, and did I mention I slept in until NINE A.M.?? So good.