Last Days

I go back to work on Monday. I can't believe how fast this 3 months flew by. I can't put into words how sad I am knowing I won't be with her every day. She doesn't seem old enough to be without her mommy. I am grateful though that she'll be with her dad on Wednesdays, and her grandma the other days for the first few weeks. That will definitely help a lot. I'm also staying home Fridays so I'll have that to look forward to every week. Plus, one of Paul's good friends from work just got her day care certification and will be watching Annie the days my mom can't. I'm so happy that worked out. She's wonderful, and is really looking forward to having Annie. So I know it will all be fine and we'll be settled into our routine in no time. The first few days will be really tough though!
We've had such a wonderful summer together. Lots of lunches in the park, long walks, ball games, snuggling in the chair, singing Sesame Street and Disney songs, shopping... I was looking through her pictures the other day and was so surprised to see just how much she's changed over the past 3 months. Her hair is so much longer, she's got bigger eyes and fuller cheeks, and a chubby belly. She's so much more alert now, and talkative. She loves chatting with me while she eats, or when she's having playtime on the floor. She stares at me all the time, smiling away. I love that I make her happy. Our last few days have been really nice. Last weekend we had lunch in the park with Sarah & Michelle from work. It was gorgeous out, and we had a lovely little picnic. Saturday we went to a purse party and cookout at Robyn & TJ's. Annie bought her first purse! I love that this was her second purse party. I've never been to a purse party in my life before this summer, and she's been to two! Here she is loving up her new purse. It's almost as big as she is.That night we came home and watched Michael Phelps win his 8th gold. So exciting! I'm really glad I was out on leave throughout this Olympics, everything good is on so late. Everyone has been sleep deprived lately. Ironic that I'm the one with the new baby and I'm getting the most sleep!

On Sunday we took a drive out to Hamlin Beach to cook some dinner and take a swim. Well, I took a swim--it was around 7pm and a bit chilly so Paul and Annie waited on the beach for me. I've been dying to go swimming all summer, it was so nice to get in and float around.

On Monday Aunt Meg & Uncle Tim were here for a visit from Michigan. We all had lunch at my Mom's house. Annie was fussy until we realized that she was just bored sitting in everyone's lap and just wanted to lie on the floor for some playtime. She was a happy girl after that! It was really nice to see Meg & Tim before they go back to school, we've missed them. Can't wait til they come back!Tuesday we went to work for one more visit before I go back. We had lunch with Robyn & Nicki and then went to visit some more friends. It tired her right out--she fell asleep in the car right after we left, so I took advantage of it and went shopping for some fall clothes. Wednesday was a rough day. She needed a nap all day but refused to sleep. I got her to sleep once in the crib and when I opened the door, George made a racket and woke her up. Arg! That night I went over to my Mom's to take my sister driving and when I came back she was passed out on the couch. I knew she was tired, darn it! She's so stubborn when it comes to napping...

Yesterday was much better. She napped in the car while we did some last minute parallel parking practice before Aunt Kathryn's road test. A few hours later she passed her test with flying colors! We went to Ben & Jerry's to celebrate. That night Kag & I went to the movies, and Paul stayed home with Annie. She tried her first formula to make sure she'd be okay with it in case we need to supplement while I'm at work. She drank it right up and we have had no vomiting, so looks like we're good to go! Hopefully I'll be able to pump enough that she won't need it though.

So that's that. Now I'm off to enjoy our final weekend before I go back. Crazy. A tiny part of me is looking forward to working again, and getting into a regular routine. I do love my job and the people I work with. A much bigger part of me is dreading leaving her. I know that in no time this will be our regular routine though, and that we'll make the most of the time we do have together. It's just hard to imagine at the moment...

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