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It's Friday again, hooray! A rainy day too, my favorite. I just finished another book, Annie is napping on my lap, and I am looking forward to another 3 whole days at home with her.

Last weekend was fun: fall ball started so Annie and I went to keep score Friday night, and then out to Tully's afterwards. Saturday after Paul got home from work we drove down to Ithaca for the afternoon. It threatened rain all day but we stayed dry. We hung out on the Commons mostly. We bought a bunch of stuff for Annie: some books at a used book store, and a ton of fall clothes at the thrift store. I've been really into buying used lately. It makes sense, especially for kids clothes. Kids outgrow their stuff so fast, it's always hardly ever worn. You find so much that looks new or barely worn. And since I got pregnant and had friends offering me things all over the place, I've really been thinking lately about how important it is to reuse and recycling clothes and books and toys. I mean, how can you not? "Go green" is everywhere these days! That's not to say that we won't be buying new clothes from now on. In fact, we stopped at Carter's at the outlet mall on the way home to pick up some more fall clothes. We're just going to try to be a little more conscious of recycling and contributing to stores run by Goodwill and Salvation Army. It's driving me crazy to see all of the stuff people are just throwing away on "big garbage day" in our town. Donate it, or give it to someone, it's so easy to do!! I hate to think about that baby stuff winding up in a landfill when it could go to someone who can use it. Arg.

Anyhoo, I got sidetracked on my high horse, what was that all about? I'll go back to talking about my weekend, journal style. It's boring, but it's safe. What I started saying was, Ithaca was fun, the people watching there is always excellent. We fed Annie a bottle on one of the cement walls in the Commons, and watched the crowds go by. I finally found an Ugly Doll for Annie, I had been looking for one forever. Had some fabulous pizza (white pizza with ricotta, yum) from a local pizza shop. She had a nice nap while we walked around. Saw these two playing the guitar, singing, and dancing:

They were both so happy, having so much fun. It made our day.

On Sunday Paul played in a golf tournament with his friend Tony, so Annie and I had a Mommy/daughter day. We stopped over to see Grandma & Grandpa for a little bit, then went shopping at the grocery store and Target. Afterwards we came home to play, snuggle, and pack Annie's bag for day care. Annie's first week at day care went great! She was there on Monday and Tuesday. Wendy is wonderful. She's so happy to have Annie, and is so great about filling us in on her day. Annie gets so smiley when she sees her and the other kids, it's so cute. She's always loved watching her Uncle Kevin hop around all over the place, so having other kids to watch is right up her alley. Wendy said she had a great time sitting in her bumbo watching everything. She didn't nap as much as usual, too much excitement! She was so tired each night. It made me happy to think about her having fun over there. She ate a ton of food this week too!! Definitely must have been having another growth spurt. Some of the clothes she is wearing are sized 6 and 9 months! She is outgrowing things so fast. My peanut is not going to be my peanut for much longer I'm afraid!

Wednesday Annie had her first full day home with her Daddy. They went out to see Annie's Grandma Sue. She recently had knee surgery, so she was itching to get out of her apartment. They went down to the lake and had some KFC for lunch. Paul and Annie picked me up after work and we drove over to Moe's for a burrito and then out for ice cream afterwards. We stopped at the library on the way home to pick up some books and dvds. They had a full day! Yesterday she was back at Grandma's. They had a lovely day, visiting Aunt Kathryn in Brockport and Mom's friends at work. Mom was happy to have some Annie time. :)

I am feeling really happy about her day care situation. She's getting lots of Grandma time in, time with other kids and Wendy, and time with her Mom and Dad. Of course I'd love it if I could be home with her all of the time, but I am feeling good about how it's working out. This will be good.

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