New Things

New things Annie has done in the past 48 hours:

  • Talking a lot more than usual, and with several different people
  • Put her pacifier in her mouth
  • Consciously held onto toys
  • Mouthing toys
  • Held her feet
  • Scooching (that's my word for folding up her legs to scoot herself around. Yesterday she scooched off the playmat, today I found her sideways in her crib. She's been doing it for a few weeks in her crib, but she does it every time we put her down now.)

It sure is fun watching her discover how to do all of these things!


Nicki said...

Before you know it you will come into the room and she'll be on the other side. It's crazy how fast they learn these things!

weasley24601 said...

Ahh how cute!! That's so exciting that she can do those things!

Hoops said...

Big girl!