8 Weeks Old: Things I Want to Remember

Our favorite things to do:
  • Snuggle in our chair in the nursery, Gus & George keeping us company on the floor.
  • Look at our books: The Monster at the End of This Book is our favorite (probably because Mommy makes a fool out of herself reading it)!
  • Listen to music (and Mommy's obnoxious singing--I swear, she loves it!): The Lion King Broadway, Bert & Ernie's All Time Favorites, and the Classic Disney collection are our favorites. We also listen to Rockabye Baby: Coldplay every night before bed (thank you Kelly!!)
  • Play with our toys: Froggie and her rattle phone are her favorites, and she loves her hippo playmat that Aunt Kelly & Uncle Mike brought her!
  • Take walks. Puts her right to sleep. :)
  • Talk to the polka dots on the wall. She mostly talks to the ones by her changing table (it's so funny how excited she gets sometimes!), but she also finds the ones behind the chair when I put her on my shoulder to burp her. She is absolutely enthralled with them.
  • Lie in the crib watching the mobile. She likes to talk to the mobile too!
  • Walk around in the Baby Bjorn while watching Daddy play softball.
  • Watch Uncle Kevin bounce around like a crazy person. She can't take her eyes off him!
  • Play with Daddy when he gets home. She can't get enough of Superbaby and knee bouncing!


kelly said...

Rockabye Baby has a lot of different artists if you're digging something new - check em out.

lol - The Monster at the End of This Book is a classic!

porkchop said...

Awesome, thanks Kelly! I know, it was one of my favorites when I was little!