Two Months In

Computer time has been hard to come by lately, hence the lack of posts. But here is the news:

The tree removal is coming along. A guy from ER came and chopped it down for 200 bucks, which was about 400 less than the 2 estimates we got from tree removal companies. We decided to clean it up ourselves since we have a lot of friends who offered to help and a bunch of people want the wood. People have been knocking on our door asking us if they can take some off our hands, it's pretty funny! On Monday night I dropped the baby off at my Mom's and our friend Mike came over for a few hours to help us start clearing the brush and chop the logs. Our neighbor from across the street came over to help us too. So nice! We are all very sad the tree is gone though, it really was so beautiful. Our neighbor said she kept her front curtains open all fall just to look at it. And our house looks completely different now, so bare and open! It looks really bare from our living room and bedroom windows too. Definitely a lot brighter in those rooms now though! And our other neighbor made a very good point: that's a hell of a lot less leaves we'll need to rake in the fall! We're figuring out what we're going to plant there now. Paul has a lot of really good ideas, so I'm sure we'll feel better about it soon!

In baby news, Annie is doing great, getting bigger by the day! She's so much fun now, chatting and looking around at everything. I'm working on establishing a bedtime this week, it's been going pretty well. Even if she wakes up after I put her down, she stays in bed and talks to herself until it's time for the next feeding. It's very cute listening to her on the monitor. Her new thing is playing with her hair while she's eating. Most of the time it's just one hand, but sometimes she gets both hands in there and starts tugging. It's really quite adorable. However, I did have a nightmare the other night where I walked into the room and she had fistfuls of hair, and was bald around the sides and back of her hair. The only hair she had left was a patch on the top. I was relieved that I was mostly worried about whether she hurt herself pulling it out than what she looked like. So I am not TOO vain about her beautiful hair. ;0)

She is doing great sleeping-wise. Every once in a while she goes through a growth spurt and I get no sleep at all, but that's really few and far between. Most of the time she sleeps for 3-5 hour stretches, and every once in a while it's even more. She actually slept for 8 hours one night last week. Amazing! She really does spoil me sometimes, and I absolutely appreciate it!

Yesterday we took a long walk down the canal and up through Pittsford. We stopped by the library (their library is beautiful) and signed up for a new library card. I haven't been to the library in years, and I've been thinking I really need to start. When I was little I loved going to the library with my mom and siblings, we loved picking out new books to read. I'm looking forward to doing that with Annie. For now, we checked out a few cds that I wanted for Annie (a Best of Grover album, and Sesame Street Platinum Hits), and borrowed A Mighty Wind for Paul and I to watch this weekend. I'm looking forward to taking advantage of all of that free entertainment!

I go back to work in less than a month, and I have really mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I'm eager to get into a routine and to get back to my job and friends because I really do enjoy it. On the other hand, I am dreading leaving my baby. I will really miss her, and I'm worried that she'll miss me too. Sigh. Maybe I'll win the lottery sometime before I go back. :)

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Nicki said...

I just got a new library card, too! Dominick really likes going there with the fun chairs and stuff. And of course, to pick out a new video, etc.
She is growing so much. She gets more and more beautiful! :)