4 Weeks

Annie will be a month old this week, I can't believe it! This is going way too fast. It's really hard to believe I only have 2 months left at home with her, I'm trying not to think about that too much!

We've had a great few weeks--still going out and about a lot. She's been in to my office to meet my coworkers and today I took her to meet my mom's nursing home to meet her coworkers and some of her patients. Both visits were so much fun, everyone was very excited to meet her. My mom's patients were so cute, they were so happy to see a baby.
Besides our trip to the baseball game, Paul and I have taken her shopping at the outlet mall, to Greece so Annie could meet her great grandma and great uncle, to a festival named Taste of Rochester (where you sample foods from different restaurants from around the area, such a good idea!), to the lake for Abbotts (in the rain), and out to Geneva to visit some of Paul's family and for a party at our friend Tony's. Today after the trip to mom's nursing home, Aunt Kathryn, Uncle Kevin, Annie and I went out to Old Navy and then to get ice cream. Last week Kevin and I went to Powers with her to visit the animals and get cookies. Kevin is very cute with her, he pushes her stroller back and forth to rock her when she gets fussy, and keeps an eye on her in the back seat of the car. Every Thursday we go watch Paul's men's league games, and every Friday we go to our coed games. She's at a great age still, it's easy to travel around with her because she sleeps through everything. So we're just working on getting her used to going out and about, and we're having a nice summer so far! In other news, we saw our first few smiles! I thought she might have smiled a few days ago when I had her on the changing table and she was doing her usual staring at the polka-dot decals Paul put on the wall (she loves those things)! Then Paul was changing her and doing his usual goofy voices for her, and she gave him a nice big smile. She did the same for me the next day. So cute!! The other day I was changing her and talking to her and she looked right at me and started cooing at me. She had such a look of concentration, she was trying so hard to talk to me! I loved it, and now make a fool of myself every day trying to get her to do it again. ;0)
Lately she wants to be held when she's sleeping, which makes it harder to get things done around the house (like eat lunch and do the laundry), but is so worth it. I will hold her as much as I possibly can, because I know how fast this is going by, and I need to enjoy it while it's here! It's amazing how different she is every day. I'm trying so hard to file it away so I can remember it all!


michelle m said...

I love that "O" face!! Kristin, she looks like she's 3-4 months old...not 4 weeks! Must be all that hair!! God, she's cute.

porkchop said...

He he he, that's what one of my mom's patients said too--she thought she was about 6 months old, she didn't believe us when we said 4 weeks! I think it's both the hair and her size. ;)

Nicki said...

She is just too cute! Those first coos and smiles just melt your heart. I can't believe she's a month old already! She is so sweet. Don't think about coming back to work, you have two full months left! :)