Yes, We're Still Waiting!

Just got back from another non-stress test. Annie's going about her business as usual. The nurse, Julie (who is awesome) looked over at one point and was like, "whoa, she's going nuts in there!" I said, "yeah, tell me about it." She's so low I feel it all in my pelvic bones now, and it is not very pleasant, let me tell you! Oh well, I'm glad she's still doing great anyway! She just really, really likes it in there. I thought I saw some movement on the contraction monitor today so I asked Julie about it. She gave me a look of great pity and said, "do I think they mean anything? No, they probably don't. They need to happen steadily and they need to really hurt before they mean anything. But, that said, you could have absolutely no activity at all on the contraction monitor right now and then go into labor and have her by 5pm tonight, that's how much stock we put into that!" So we'll just keep crossing our fingers that she'll come this weekend!

I felt myself getting a little cranky this afternoon when I was making my way through the hospital and seeing all of the families waiting for their babies, and the women who just had their babies walking around near the nursery. Okay, it's partly my fault for walking past the nursery to get a peek at the babies while I was waiting, but I couldn't help myself. They're so little and cute! I just can't wait until it's us in there. So I'm comforting myself by telling myself that it can't be more than a week from now. Only 7 days! I can do that, no problem.

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weasley24601 said...

Hurry up, baby! And hang in there, sister! That's true, at least we know for sure that you will have her a week from now!