The Bright Side

Reasons to be grateful that we are overdue:

(Many of these are from my Mom, who has been calling me with pep talks. (Thanks Mom, I definitely needed them!) She's very experienced in waiting for babies, as she was late with all 5 of us. Thank goodness they only let you go over 2 weeks now! She was due for me on May 25th and didn't have me until June 10th, and due with my sister September 1st, didn't have her until September 24th. No thank you!)

1. She is full term. Every pregnant woman's biggest fear is either miscarrying or giving birth way too early. I need to keep remembering how nervous I was up until week 37, when you're officially considered full term. And how lucky we are that our baby stayed in there until she was supposed to! At the wedding we saw a friend of ours whose niece was a pound and a half when she was born this past November. She was released from the hospital in February and is now up to 7 pounds, 14 ounces, the size of an average newborn. I'm so happy for them that she is doing well, but how incredibly scary for them! I'm so grateful we didn't have to go through that.

2. My Mom told me that all of us girls made her wait the longest, but we were also the calmer babies. We fussed less and slept more. She's thinking it's because the longer the baby stays in there, the older and more developed they are. Makes sense to me! So if this wait means Annie will be more calm and less fussy, heck, she can stay in there a few more days!

3. We've been able to get even more done around the house. Part of the waiting game is prioritizing. What do we absolutely need to do before we have this baby, so we don't have to come home to a mess? Every night we make sure all of the dishes are done, the floors are swept, and everything is in general order, because we know we sure as heck won't want to come home to a mess! The extra things, like repairing all of the kitchen & back door screens, mowing the lawn, rearranging the living room, cleaning the bedroom were a bit lower on the list. But Paul had time to fix all of the screens yesterday, he just finished mowing the lawn, and we're tackling the living room soon. We might even have time to get to the bedroom! It's tough waiting for her, but it will be so nice to have that all out of the way before we bring her home.

4. Enjoying "just the two of us" time. We've been so incredibly busy getting ready for this baby over the past 9 months (in between all of our regular plans) that it's been hard to take time to relax at home, just the two of us. It's been just the two of us for the last 7 and a half years, so it's crazy to think that it's not going to be just us until all of our kids move out of the house. Lately our plans are dying down and we have just those few things to take care of, so we've been able to take some time to relax a bit. Eat lunch together out in our yard, snuggle on the couch to watch Indiana Jones, go out to Abbott's for ice cream, talk about how crazy it is that we're going to be parents any day now. We're really enjoying this time together.

Okay, that's all I can think of now. It made me feel a little better. Better than repeating "she'll come when she's ready" over and over again to myself anyway!


Nicki said...

You're doing such a good job of talking yourself through the overdue period. I can't imagine how anxious you are! I lucked out in having D two days early. Your mom has some very good words to live by, so I would just keep repeating them to yourself ;) We are all anxious along with you!!

Mom said...

Oh my gosh , bocce! I guess what I don't know...right? I'm so proud of you and so excited, it will happen- keep your chin up and enjoy this alone time with Paul, Love you lots!!- Mom

kelly said...

those are excellent points - it looks like Annie's timing will be perfect timing. :)