Almost There!

We're almost done with the nursery, finally! I'm very excited. We just need to do a bit more organizing and hang some pictures and it will be all ready for her. I had a major nesting surge last night and put away all of her clothes & blankets and rearranged the furniture a bit more. We now have a nice little breastfeeding corner, it's very cozy. Gus can't resist it, he was up on the chair again last night! It sure is fun going through all of her things and opening and organizing them. I'm going to miss it when we're really done!
Confession: I was supposed to back the hospital bag last night but procrastinated and organized the nursery instead. Paul is getting really nervous that we don't have a bag packed yet, but for some reason I keep putting it off! It's almost like I think once I get that done she'll come, and I'm not really ready for her to come yet. I guess I'm still hoping we'll get these last 2 weeks in before the due date. It hit me the other day that these are the last few weeks we have where it's just the two of us. I'm not too sad or scared or anything, it just hit me that this is really going to be completely different from here on out. We're super excited to meet her though, and to start our new adventure!


weasley24601 said...

The room is soooo cute! I love it!

porkchop said...

My first comment, yay! :) Thanks Kag, I'm glad you like it!