The Reader

Annie really loves her books. She loves sitting with her books surrounding her, crawling around in them and sitting with one in her lap, flipping through the pages, studying the pictures intently. There are only certain books that she will allow you to sit and read to her. The rest she has to sit and study by herself, looking at each page for a minute and then pointing to a few things on the page with the tip of her finger. Wendy says that during storytime at daycare Annie insists on turning the pages for her, most often before she's done reading that page, since she doesn't quite get that the words you are saying are what is on the page. I'm really excited about this development. I'm hoping it means she'll love books just as much as her mama. I have spent hours daydreaming about sharing all of my favorites with her, a crop of favorites for each age. I am constantly on the lookout for good finds. Recently those have included a bunch of old (late 70's-early 80's) Sesame Street & Fraggle Rock books from a thrift store trip, a bunch of awesome vintage books from this site, and a brand-new, beautiful copy of Where the Wild Things Are (that was more for me since I don't have my childhood copy anymore, and I am so super excited for the movie). My mom has been helping build her library since I told her I was pregnant, even searching online to find 2 of our old family favorites ("Sylvester Bear Overslept" & "But No Elephants!"). I can't wait until we can snuggle up to read them together. For now I am really enjoying watching her discover her books, and dreaming about all of the good ones I need to share with her!


Megan said...

So cute! I can't believe she has the attention span to do this!

Nicki said...

So great! Dominick was the same way. Watch out when she gets the hang of crayons, she'll start to mark them up!