First Easter

Easter was:

A basket filled with bath toys, a book, and yummy treats

A cute little girl in pigtails and white tights

An adorable stuffed bunny and homemade card from Uncle Kevin

Dyeing eggs with Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Kev

Listening to Paul Simon's Graceland and some Beatles

Yummy broccoli and cheese casseroles, not to mention perfectly baked crescent rolls

Ham for Annie! Devilled egg filling too. Yum.

A new yahtzee-like dice game that's super fun

The cutest sheep you've ever seen, from the Easter Bunny's trip to Grandpa & Grandma's house!

A nice chat with Meg (even though it would have been better in person!)

Delicious desserts, including homemade peanut butter eggs. Yum.

Booking our hotel room for our upcoming trip to NYC!!

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