Things I Love About This Weekend

In list form, since I'm feeling exceptionally lazy about blogging lately:

1. Our baby got her first tooth!

2. Feeling like a super mom when I had to pull out all of the stops to clear up a teething-induced stuffy nose so she could get back to sleep. After 2 hours of salt water rinses, suctioning, rocking in a steamy bathroom, and elevating the crib mattress, she was asleep by midnight with a nice clear nose and slept until 7:30 the next morning. Phew!

3. Valentine's Day, which included an awesome robot gift bag filled with chocolate from the hubby, awesome presents from my mom, valentines from my family, a trip to Corning Museum of Glass with my little family, followed by "the best pizza ever" (to quote Paul) from a cute little pizza shop (with really neat recycled utensils) in the adorable village of Corning.

4. Annie's delight in her new "big girl stroller." We put it together Friday night and she had to get in it right away to take a few trips around the kitchen and living room.

5. Friday lunch with Paul and Annie. Annie's big thrill lately is sitting in the high chair in restaurants (or Target) and having her fruit, which she got to do with her daddy on Friday when we went out for subs (and again on Valentine's Day!)

6. A quiet Sunday at home with my family. 2 and a half hour naps for all of us, dancing in the living room, reading stories, reading a magazine during afternoon nap, watching a movie, a good, healthy dinner.

7. Monday off for President's Day, a whole extra day home with my baby!

8. Finally starting to work out again, and enjoying the burst of energy and sore muscles that mean I'm back on track.

9. Annie's new tricks & habits, including: letting out constant little chuckles while she is playing, lifting blankets we drape over our faces to play peekaboo, shaking her head "no", dancing, rearranging the food cupboard.

10. Filing for our tax return. It will feel good to get that furnace paid off!


weasley24601 said...

Eeeek! Where's her tooth??

porkchop said...

It's poking up on her bottom gum, in the middle. So cute. What is not so cute is that she figured out how to use it to scrape up the edges of her crib already!!