It turns out Annie has not 1 tooth, but 2 teeth poking out on the bottom. A nice wide ledge of teeth that she tested out by scraping up both ends of her crib. Doh! We decided it was time to start experimenting with some finger foods to use those teeth for good for a change. We started out with american cheese, and oh man, did she enjoy it. She wasn't sure about the chewing and the sharp-ish taste at first, but after a little while she was munching away happily, smiling and laughing and holding it up in the air with joy. I told her that's how I feel when I eat cheese too, it's just not socially acceptable to do that when you're an adult, so she should enjoy it now.

Cheese! from porkchop on Vimeo.

Tonight we tried out some of those Gerber puffs, sweet potato flavored, and she could not get enough of them. So yay for finger foods! Today she also made a grab for Paul's sandwich, so I think she's pretty into this whole eating like a grown person thing!

Bonus video: I love it because it totally looks like she's checking to make sure I'm recording before she starts walking. She's catching on!

Walker from porkchop on Vimeo.


kelly said...

how can one NOT like cheese? my brother Tom is just weird.

glad to hear she's putting her teeth to better use. :)

porkchop said...

Seriously, ever since I found that out about him I've felt a little suspicious of him. ;)

Nicki said...

Just wait until you see what she gets those teeth on now. I'm still finding things D demolished when he was teething. All of the bottoms of my wooden spoons are chewed up because he loved gnawing on them ;)
Good girl, she likes the cheese. This is very important!