Lots of progress on Annie's room this past weekend. We picked up the crib on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday we shopped and then worked on cleaning up the floor (lots of paint splatters) and arranged the furniture. We're still not set on how it's arranged, but it's a start, and such a relief to have it all in there finally! Paul put the crib together on Sunday in record time. We were nervous because our friends had been telling us horror stories about missing pieces and confusing instructions. So Paul was very conscientious about making sure we had all of the pieces before he started. He got it up in about an hour and a half, very impressive! It sure is pretty too, we're really happy with it.

I spent the day on Sunday unpacking and organizing all of the baby shower gifts. I decided to take a picture of each person's gifts so Annie can see what sorts of things people bought her before she was born. It will be nice for us to have that too, since someday when our kids are older everything will be given away! I had a ton of fun looking through everything again, it's all so cute! I can't stop peeking in her room either.

So we had a great weekend, and even took some time out to watch two movies: Best in Show and Bee Movie. Both highly entertaining!

This weekend we're doing our final shopping trip to get the rest of the things we'll need right away. That will be fun. I'm hoping I'll have time to take pictures of all of the baby things that we bought and all of the things my mom bought this weekend too, to complete the set of baby present pictures. It will be fun to go through all of that stuff too, since it's been packed away for a while now! We still have to decorate the walls at some point too. I'm hoping that won't be too hard, I'm indecisive when it comes to that sort of thing. I sure can't wait to see it when it's done though!

Oh, and another project this weekend will be giving Paul some much needed "fun time." Poor guy has been working like crazy--side jobs at work for extra money and all of this work on getting the baby's room ready. He doesn't want me to help so much with that, he's very nervous about paint fumes and lifting things and all of that. He's already such a good daddy though, he really is working so hard to get ready for his daughter to get here!

It's really hit us this week that this baby could really come at any time now. We're 36 weeks now. I think we're ready though. We need to pack our hospital bag and get that car seat in, and then we'll be all set. So exciting! I really can't wait to meet our little girl!!

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