6 Weeks to Go!

34 Weeks

Lots of news from baby land:
We finished our childbirth classes and then took our breastfeeding class last night. We learned how to bathe and swaddle the baby in our last class, so now we are fully prepared. Or something! Our breastfeeding class was great, we got so many good tips, and learned a lot of stuff we didn't know. It was a bit weird when we had to "practice" by holding the baby dolls up to our breast, but it really did help to have her check to make sure we had the positioning right. I feel much more confident about feeding her now!

The baby shower was last Saturday! I had so much fun. My mom, sisters, and Tara threw it for me. We had chocolate fountain, punch, and cheese & crackers, plus the most adorable rubber duckie cake. We played a few games that were not lame, and then opened presents. I was amazed at how tired I was after the present opening--there were a lot of presents and I was nervous with all eyes on me. We got so many great things for Annie though, and everyone's cards were so sweet. As Mom and my sisters noted, I really do have the sweetest friends. I feel very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life (and in Annie's life).

Yesterday we drove up to Ikea in Canada. We bought a cute rug and lighting for the baby's room. I also finally convinced Paul to buy a coffee table. He had been adamantly opposed to them up til now. We got a new rug for the living room too, since the dogs had destroyed the last one. We got a real cheap one this time, just in case it happens again. Probably won't, since the last one went through puppydom and this one won't have to. We shopped for about 6 hours and were both a bit worn out when we left, but we really had a great day looking at everything together, and had a lovely drive home. Probably one of our last road trips as non-parents! Paul was nervous the whole time we were up there--he was convinced my water was going to break and kept pointing out hospitals, just to make sure he knew where the closest ones were. I think he was seriously convinced we'd have a Canadian citizen for a daughter!

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