Wednesday morning: I'm at work, Paul wakes around 8am to hear not talking, like we usually hear from Miss Annie, but clunking noises, like someone might be working at something.

Not sure what to expect, he walks into her room, where she looks up and gives him a giant "good morning!" smile from underneath a pile of mobile.

The whole thing was unscrewed and off the side of the crib. Of course he wants to believe she's a genius and figured out how to work the screw (it's big and plastic), but I think it was more of a pulling at it until it popped off sort of thing.

Either way, mobile days are over and the crib is looking rather plain without it!Stinker.


kelly said...

you definitely have one smart cookie on your hands! the fun is just beginning. ;)

porkchop said...

I'm a little terrified. ;)

weasley24601 said...

Haha, that's my niece! =P